Penomet Review

Penomet. What do you mean by virtually no side effects internally. Surely with all your claims and reviews you could cover this topic a little more in depth, instead of it being in small print on the bottom of a sexual health site. Now i’m worried. Who do we believe when we tap into the dream of having a larger penis and a better sex life?

Having tried several things for my size and inability to get and maintain an erect penis i have come to the conclusion that Penomet is not for me.

I have since looked into other penile pumps and have found a pump that actually does what it claims to do, Bathmate.

Penomet just has not matched up to its promises in my opinion. Whereas for me Bathmate HAS worked.

Penomet for me was difficult to use whereas Bathmate was easy to use and definitely gave me good results. I definitely grew in size by at least 1 ½ inches and I had more stamina.

Penomet left me feeling sore and very uncomfortable and embarrassingly red.  I just did not get on with this pump. My girlfriend helped me and we followed the instructions to the letter. Not only do I feel let down but I wish that i had not believed Penomets comparisons. They say they have 5 stars for ease of use whereas Bathmate has 2. Penomet also has 5 stars for immediate results whereas Bathmate has 3. And again on safety Penomet has 5 versus Bathmate which has 1. I cannot help but think that this star rating is of their own making.

Now this brings me back to my original point side effects, I truly believe that any side effects have been skirted over. And maybe in my opinion have not been addressed. What are these internal side effects, I really would like to know. I have read that damage can be done to the internal tissue but this would be due to using Penomet incorrectly. This to me is a worry. If we follow the instructions to the letter then surely you can’t go wrong.

I know that not everybody gets on with every item that they buy, but this is not a cheap product and therefore feel being more upfront and transparent about any issues that there might be by using this product.

I don’t often voice my opinions but just felt that this was an important issue. I have even read claims that Penomet is a superior penis pump, In their opinion.

So this purchase was a mistake, a very expensive mistake. Obviously this is my opinion and is one that I have learnt by. I just wish I had come across Bathmate first and had done my homework. Instead I got swept up by the Penomet website and was gullible when it came to everything they had told me.

So like I say please do your homework and check out the pros and cons before believing that your sex life will be saved.

Five Tips for Beginner Keyboard Players

The first thing a piano player has to know is how to read and interpret a simple musical text, how to disciplinate their hands and rhythmically move their fingers. It is an important thing to develop your musical thinking but the most important thing is love for music and that will help you the most.


As a beginner love for music will help you evolve and encourage you to be better and better but technical exercises are important to help you evolve. Here are some of the basic Keyboard playing tips which you can follow to start your journey on becoming the best keyboard player.

1. Get to know your instrument

The first tip, more like a rule, is to get to know your instrument. Watching tutorials or videos or read about it – whatever works best for you. Get to know how it worked, of what it is composed, all details about it. Your instrument should have no secrets for you.

2. Learn how to sit correctly

Buy yourself a piano bench for your keyboard. To have a free movement and the correct distance from the keyboard you should sit only halfly on the bench. Keep in mind that only a small portion on your knees should be under the keyboard while your feet are flat on the floor. Considering this guidelines find a comfortable and natural position that doesn’t make you feel like sitting in a forced position.

3. Disciplinate your hands and learn the correct position

Before starting to play on the keyboard, sit in front of the instrument in the adequate position. In order to get your full attention exclusively on the movement of your hands you’ll have to start with some silent gymnastics. Start with the following exercise on the keyboard’s cover(or a table).

The hand and the forearm should form a straight line, which you’ll be giving a curvy form. The thumbs should be flexed and the other fingers in extension. You must find a position that is comfortable, natural and unforced. You’ll have to say: one, two, three, four,five. Before saying „one”, the thumb will be elevated with a very fast move and should be dropped the second you say „one”. Lifting and dropping the thumb must be only one continuous move because when lifting you thumb you already have to think how to attack the next musical note and not the lifting/dropping your finger action. Do the same thing with all the fingers until you get a cursive movement from one to five.

4. Understand the keyboard

Musical notes are A,B,C,D,E,F,G. Than they repeat. To find the note A look of a group of three black jeys. A is between the second and the third black key. The right key to be more exact. It’s a pretty complicated explication, isn’t it? Until you know all the keys by heart it might help to just write on the keys the letters so you get used to them more easily.

5. Learn to listen to music

Look up some piano music for beginners, preferably with musical scores. Listen to the music- first just to feel it. Try to understand what it tries to express, explore how and what it makes you feel. Listen to it the second time. Try to identify the part you are listening to on the musical score. Listen to it a third time while reading the score and trying to find the keys on the keyboard and play the music. You probably won’t get it right the first time. Try to do it on pieces and work your way into the whole melody.