Penomet. What do you mean by virtually no side effects internally. Surely with all your claims and reviews you could cover this topic a little more in depth, instead of it being in small print on the bottom of a sexual health site. Now i’m worried. Who do we believe when we tap into the dream of having a larger penis and a better sex life?

Having tried several things for my size and inability to get and maintain an erect penis i have come to the conclusion that Penomet is not for me.

I have since looked into other penile pumps and have found a pump that actually does what it claims to do, Bathmate.

Penomet just has not matched up to its promises in my opinion. Whereas for me Bathmate HAS worked.

Penomet for me was difficult to use whereas Bathmate was easy to use and definitely gave me good results. I definitely grew in size by at least 1 ½ inches and I had more stamina.

Penomet left me feeling sore and very uncomfortable and embarrassingly red.  I just did not get on with this pump. My girlfriend helped me and we followed the instructions to the letter. Not only do I feel let down but I wish that i had not believed Penomets comparisons. They say they have 5 stars for ease of use whereas Bathmate has 2. Penomet also has 5 stars for immediate results whereas Bathmate has 3. And again on safety Penomet has 5 versus Bathmate which has 1. I cannot help but think that this star rating is of their own making.

Now this brings me back to my original point side effects, I truly believe that any side effects have been skirted over. And maybe in my opinion have not been addressed. What are these internal side effects, I really would like to know. I have read that damage can be done to the internal tissue but this would be due to using Penomet incorrectly. This to me is a worry. If we follow the instructions to the letter then surely you can’t go wrong.

I know that not everybody gets on with every item that they buy, but this is not a cheap product and therefore feel being more upfront and transparent about any issues that there might be by using this product.

I don’t often voice my opinions but just felt that this was an important issue. I have even read claims that Penomet is a superior penis pump, In their opinion.

So this purchase was a mistake, a very expensive mistake. Obviously this is my opinion and is one that I have learnt by. I just wish I had come across Bathmate first and had done my homework. Instead I got swept up by the Penomet website and was gullible when it came to everything they had told me.

So like I say please do your homework and check out the pros and cons before believing that your sex life will be saved.